Medjugorje Apparitions

Ten Urgent Warnings About MEDJUGORJE

No New Revelation can be Accepted

No New Revelation can be Accepted
According to the Catechism in section 66, "No new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ." God has already given us everything we need for the salvation of our souls. We have the fullness of truth within the Catholic Church. We have been given the Sacred Scriptures, the teachings of the Church and the Sacraments. If you are a Baptized and Confirmed Catholic, living in right relationship with God, you will have the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in your heart. You should be able to commune with God directly within your heart, through a serious prayer life, and in the quiet stillness of your own home.

There is no reason to travel thousands of miles, spending thousands of dollars, seeking signs and wonders, trying to gain secret knowledge, special favors or graces from the spirit realm. You already have the fullness of truth disclosed in Sacred Scripture. God's Divine Revelation to humanity is already complete. All you need to do is start applying God's Word to your life, start communing with the Holy Spirit, and start working in partnership with God to accomplish his will in your life.

Visiting a Psychic, Seer, or the Equivalent is a  Mortal Sin Visiting a Psychic, Seer, or the Equivalent is a Mortal Sin
According to the Catechism in section 2116, "All forms of divination are to be rejected." Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm readings, the interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and the recourse to mediums all conceal a desire to receive communication from spiritual entities other than the Blessed Trinity.

It is healthy and normal for all of God's children to have a deep desire within their hearts to commune with their heavenly Father, to feel God's peaceful presence, and to hear God's voice spoken deep within their hearts, but if you cannot commune with God in your own home, life and heart, then it will not be possible to commune with God anywhere else in the world. Traveling thousands of miles and spending thousands of dollars to visit a seer, psychic or clairvoyant will not help you commune with the Blessed Trinity.

There is no difference between visiting a psychic and visiting a seer at an apparition site, because both claim to channel messages from the spirit realm. The seers at apparition sites claim the messages are coming from Mary, Jesus, angels or saints in the same way that New Age practitioners claim their messages are also coming from the Ascended Master Mother Mary. There are thousands of psychics (some located in your own hometown) who claim to channel messages from the Blessed Mother, Padre Pio, Jesus, or other spiritual entities.

God wants to develop an authentic relationship with all of his beloved children, but first you will need to apply God's Word to your life as per Deuteronomy 18:10–12 which says: “No one shall be found among you who practices divination, or is a soothsayer, or an auger, or a sorcerer, or one who casts spells, or who consults ghosts or spirits, or who seeks oracles from the dead. For whoever does these things is abhorrent to the Lord.”
The Devil has a Plan for our Destruction that Involves  Signs and Wonders

The Devil has a Plan for our Destruction that Involves Signs and Wonders
According to Sacred Scripture, the devil is a "Liar and the father of lies." Because the devil used to be one of the most beautiful and powerful archangels that ministered before God's throne, he has the ability to appear as an "Angel of Light." If the devil appeared to humanity in the form of a scary monster, everyone would run away. So in an attempt to deceive as many people as possible, the devil has been appearing in the form of a beautiful messenger, an angelic being of light, and even in the form of the Blessed Mother.

According to Sacred Scripture, God’s plan for salvation is opposed by Satan’s contradictory plan, which mimics it in many ways and is strengthened by diabolical prodigies, signs and wonders that are employed to further Satan’s kingdom. A good example of how the devil is able to perform signs and wonders in an attempt to deceive as many people as possible comes from Matthew 24:24, when Jesus said, "False messiahs and false prophets will appear and produce great signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect."

According to Revelation 13:11–14, there will be a time in history when the diabolical signs and wonders will be so frequent and commonplace that many people will find themselves deceived. At that time, a beast will rise out of the earth with the appearance of a lamb and the voice of a dragon. It will perform“great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in the sight of all; and by the signs that it is allowed to perform on behalf of the beast, it deceives the inhabitants of earth.”
The Demonic Origins of Medjugorje

The Demonic Origins of Medjugorje
Although the Croatian massacre of the Serbs during World War II has not received nearly as much attention as the horrific crimes perpetrated by the Nazis, the fascist state under Ante Pavelic, known as the Ustasha Regime, organized a massacre of the Orthodox Serbian population that was even more horrific in its brutality. Hundreds of Orthodox churches in Serbia were plundered and destroyed, hundreds of clerics were exterminated, and some 750,000 Serbs were tortured and murdered in concentration camps all over Yugoslavia, in a period of only four years.

In 1941, when Medjugorje belonged to the Independent State of Croatia, the Serbian Orthodox Žitomislić Monastery was plundered by the Ustasha Regime. On June 21, 1941, in the immediate neighborhood of Medjugorje, soldiers from the Ustasha Regime buried alive seven Serbian monks. At the end of June 1941, all elements were in place for the “croatization” of Yugoslavia by the Ustasha Regime and, on June 28, 1941, the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral at Behac was destroyed, along with 2,000 Serbs and Jews who were massacred.

On August 6, 1941, nearly 3,000 soldiers from the Ustasha Regime committed a massacre in the hamlet of Šurmanci against 559 unarmed Christian Orthodox Serb civilians from the nearby village of Prebilovci. Along with 1,300 Serbs from Čapljina and Mostar, the Serbs from Prebilovci were thrown alive into deep, natural pits. Medjugorje is located in the immediate vicinity of the Golubinka pit, the most notorious site of the mass execution of Serbs. According to reports from the Mostar District Court, many of the victims were children and women, young and old, who were thrown into the pit alive.

Because Medjugorje is located in the immediate vicinity of the Golubinka slaughter, the devil has more supernatural powers to perform signs and wonders in this area than any other apparition site in the world.

Leading Vatican Exorcist has Condemned  Medjugorje as Diabolical Leading Vatican Exorcist has Condemned Medjugorje as Diabolical
In June 2008, Andrea Gemma, a bishop and once the Vatican’s top exorcist, called Medjugorje an “absolutely diabolical” phenomenon. In the following interview that has been published in newspapers throughout the world, Bishop Gemma issued the following statements:

So, Excellency, how to define Medjugorje?
It is a phenomenon that is absolutely diabolical, around which revolve many underground interests. Holy Mother Church, the only one able to pronounce, through the mouth of the Bishop of Mostar, has already said publicly, and officially, that the Madonna has never appeared at Medjugorje and that this whole sham is the work of the Demon.

You speak of ‘underground interests’ . . . . Which?

I refer to the 'dung of the Devil', to money, what else? In Medjugorje everything happens in function of money: pilgrimages, lodging houses, sale of trinkets. So much so that abusing the good faith of those poor souls who go there thinking to encounter the Madonna, the false seers have organised themselves financially, have enriched themselves and live a rather comfortable life. Just think, one of them organises directly from America, with a direct economic interest, tens of thousands of pilgrimages every year. These don't seem to me to be disinterested persons. Thus, together with those who shore up this noisy deception, they patently have every interest in convincing people that they see and speak with the Virgin Mary.

Monsignor Gemma, is your judgment final?

Could it be otherwise? These persons who claim to be in contact with Our Lady, but who in reality are inspired solely and exclusively by Satan, are creating tumult and confusion among the faithful for absolutely deplorable interests and advantages. Think also of the disobedience which they have nourished inside the Church: their spiritual guide, a Franciscan friar expelled by the Ordinary and suspended a divinis, continues to administer the Sacraments illicitly. And many priests from all over the world, despite the explicit prohibition of the Holy See, continue to organise and to take part in pilgrimages to Medjugorje. It is a scandal! Behold why I speak of a mixture of interests, personal and diabolical; the false seers and their helpers’ pocket money, and the Devil creates discord between the faithful and the Church. The most obstinate faithful in fact do not listen to the Church which, I repeat, has from the beginning warned of the mendacity of the apparitions of Medjugorje.

And if the alleged seers were really seeing Our Lady?

In reality they would see Satan under one of his disguised forms. Because Satan has every interest in splitting the Church, pitting the two currents of 'pro' and 'anti' Medjugorje. And it would not be something new: Saint Paul himself asserts that the Devil can also appear as an Angel of Light and that he can disguise himself. He did it, for example, with Saint Gemma Galgani. But beyond his travesties, the Evil One has already intervened and I can assure you that it is he who has been inspiring the false seers since the beginning with the lure of easy money.

The supporters of Medjugorje stress that the Holy See has never expressed itself on the subject.
This is another lie! As I pointed out earlier, the Vatican forbade pilgrimages on the part of priests to that place and has already spoken via the mouths of the two successive bishops of Mostar over these years, Monsignor Zanic and Monsignor Peric, with both of whom I spoke personally and who always expressed their doubts to me. The truth is that when the Bishop of Mostar speaks, the Church of Christ speaks, and it is to him, who speaks with the authority conferred on him by the Vatican (Holy See) that one must listen. So therefore, the Holy See has always expressed itself with the words of the Bishop of Mostar, showing that Medjugorje is a diabolic deceit.
Diabolical Signs and Wonders are Seductive and Alluring Diabolical Signs and Wonders are Seductive and Alluring
The emphasis on signs and wonders as a means of conversion is contrary to Sacred Scripture. Signs and wonders in the end times are indicative of false prophets per Matthew 24:24, which says, "For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”

The signs and wonders, which include rosaries turning to “gold,” signs in the sun and the sky, and other phenomena, are addictive. Those who witness them have difficulty believing they were not from God because they are sensational, not of human origin, and tailored to be significant for the individual. Nevertheless, all such prodigies are well within the power of demons and are present at other condemned apparition sites, such as Necedah, Wisconsin, and Bayside, New York.

Such spectacular wonders initially produce feelings of euphoria that lead to conversion, which appears desirable and harmless. Like a drug, however, which produces ecstasy and destroys the body, these signs have a lasting, harmful effect, such as blind acceptance of false revelations and an increased appetite for tangible experiences. Fruits include clouded spiritual vision, inability to see personal sin, and extreme difficulty turning away from the source due to the overwhelming sense of loyalty that tends to surpass one’s faithfulness to Christ.

Many pilgrims subsequently hear voices, see solar phenomena, smell roses, or have visions of their own, accepting such phenomena as spirituality normal. Many falsely believe they are signs of sanctity and mysticism, which leads to an exaggerated sense of one’s progress in the spiritual life and is accompanied by feelings of superiority, blindness and pride.
Medjugorje has Received a Negative Decree of non constat de supernaturalitate

Medjugorje has Received a Negative Decree of non constat de supernaturalitate
Twenty bishops appointed by Pope John Paul II convened, voted, and published the Declaration at Zadar on April 10, 1991 which states:

“On the basis of the investigations so far, it cannot be affirmed that one is dealing with supernatural apparitions and revelations” [non constat de supernaturalitate]. Believers interpreted the Declaration to mean that the door is open to future investigations. According to the Catholic Church, however, it is forbidden, as well as sinful, to propagate private revelations that have received a negative judgment of any kind, including the non constat de supernaturalitate, from the local bishop, a Bishops’ Commission, or the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Not only has Medjugorje received the non constat de supernaturalitate from a commission of bishops appointed by the Pope, but the local bishop of the diocese in which Medjugorje is located has condemned the apparitions. Bishop Zanic based his declaration on his own investigation and experience with the seers and has spoken publicly against Medjugorje on numerous occasions.

Bishops’ Directives Were Obstructed and Ignored Bishops’ Directives Were Obstructed and Ignored
After issuing the statement that the bishops found no evidence of supernatural origin, Bishop Peric considered it to be the final word. On June 17, 1991, four bishops and four theologians met in Mostar to draft the directives promised in the Declaration of Zadar on April 10, 1991. This commission came to Medjugorje that same afternoon to present the Directives, which were to be officially approved and promulgated in a plenary session of the Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia ten days later, on June 27, 1991. The Directives state:

A. Let the visionaries refrain from public declarations about their apparitions, and let them submit any future messages only to the local Bishop and to the authorized Commission.

B. The pastor in Medjugorje is responsible for the correct instruction and maintenance of discipline concerning the celebration of the sacraments. In the spirit of the Declaration of the Bishops of Yugoslavia on April 10, 1991, let there be no speaking about the supernaturality of the apparitions and messages in public appearances and writings.

C. It is required of the faithful who are inspired by the events in Medjugorje to respect and observe the directives of their bishops.

On the same day, only eight days after the Bishops had drafted their Directives, Croatia and Slovenia seceded from the Socialistic Federated Republics of Yugoslavia. The next day, on June 26, 1991, Yugoslav army forces invaded Slovenia and the Yugoslav war against Croatia began. Effectively the Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia was dissolved because Yugoslavia disintegrated. Because the intended general meeting never took place on June 27, 1991, the directives were never implemented. The intentions of the bishops and theologians were therefore obstructed by the war, an uncanny coincidence that many view as clear evidence of the diabolical.

As a consequence, a 1,000-year-old Croatian Catholic presence in a region of Bosnia was displaced with Serbs and Muslims, 450 churches were destroyed, and the Commission President’s diocese was destroyed, although the Blessed Mother allegedly protected Medjugorje but not the Catholic Church.
The Sin of Idolatry Causes Spiritual Confusion

The Sin of Idolatry Causes Spiritual Confusion
By accepting and obeying messages from the Gospa, the followers of Medjugorje would be praying to an entity that the Catholic Church has declared not to be of supernatural origin. Whenever anybody prays to spiritual entities other then the Blessed Trinity, it grieves the Holy Spirit and causes spiritual confusion. Jesus wants to be the Lord of our lives. Jesus says, "My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me." The Holy Spirit wants to work in partnership with all Catholics to accomplish the Father's will in all our endeavors; but when Catholics visit false apparition sites and pray to spiritual entities other then the Blessed Trinity, it opens the door to the demonic.

When the sin of idolatry has been committed, a multitude of voices will suddenly appear competing for that person's attention. The voice of the Gospa will want you to go one direction, while the Holy Spirit will want you to go a different direction. The Holy Spirit will try to speak truth in your life, but as soon as the Holy Spirit speaks, the devil, which has access to your life through the sin of idolatry, will start shouting conflicting messages. The Gospa will say go left, Our Lady of Emmitsburg will say go right, and the Immaculata will fill your thoughts with fear, doubt and confusion, all in an attempt to frustrate and hinder your efforts and service unto the Lord.

Then on the last day, when you stand before God's throne awaiting judgment, you may hear the words of the Lord from Matthew 7:21–23, when he said, "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. On that day many will say to me, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many deeds of power in your name?' Then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; go away from me, you evildoers.'"

On the day of judgment, Jesus will say to those who failed to make him the Lord of their lives, "You did many religious behaviors in my name, but you never developed an intimate relationship with me! You spent all your time praying to statues, selling your soul to the Immaculata, making pilgrimages to Medjugorje, seeking favors from the Gospa, and invoking supernatural powers, but you never accomplished my Father's will in your life! You never developed and intimate relationship with me! You never submitted your will to me, the life-giving Vine, the only way to the Father."
Jesus Wants to be Lord of Your Life Jesus Wants to be Lord of Your Life
Before you embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to Medjugorje, spending thousands of dollars traveling to a satanic burial ground, you may first want to ask the Lord's permission. It's a very simple question to ask: Dear Lord Jesus, do I have your permission to visit Medjugorje? Yes? or No?

Before you ask this question, it will be necessary to denounce all false gods and goddesses from your life and heart. If you have committed the sin of idolatry, break those agreements right now in the name, power and authority of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Afterwards you will need to surrender your life unto the Lord's service and invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within your heart.

God wants to commune with you deep within your heart. To develop an authentic relationship with the Blessed Trinity, you will need to denounce all other false gods. You will need to stop turning to psychics, seers, or New Age practitioners for the purpose of fortune-telling, receiving prophetic messages and discerning the signs of the times. You will need to stop receiving communication from the spirit realm. You will need to denounce all forms of idolatry and focus your prayer life on the Blessed Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

After you have denounced all other false gods, goddesses and spiritual lovers, ask Jesus this simple question: Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, do I have your permission to visit Medjugorje? If Jesus says No, then please, Do not go!
















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